Landscape Agreements

The City of Prince Albert encourages new developments to beautify the City and surrounding area.  Streetscape and landscape areas around buildings enhance not only each particular building but add to the overall splendor of Prince Albert. To beautify the City, any new commercial development is required to enter into a Landscape Agreement with the City. This agreement enables the developer to obtain free water for the purposes of landscape irrigation.

With the above in mind, the following items are required as part of a Landscape Agreement:

1. A Site Drainage Plan identifying the construction and maintaining of elevations, storm water catch basins and all other design features of the site drainage plans. Written approval from the City of Prince Albert Engineering Department is required for each drainage plan.

2. A Landscape Plan (Schedule 'A') identifying the following:

  • a.) The kind, quality and placement of trees, shrubbery, and grass shall be as identified on Schedule "A".  All plant material shall be capable of a healthy growth in this hardiness zone.  The Developer shall plant the said trees and shrubbery in accordance with and at all times, consistent with good horticultural practice.

  • b.) The grass shall be sodded grass (unless approved otherwise by the City of Prince Albert) and placed in the areas indicated on Schedule "A".

  • c.) All top soil shall be of a good horticultural quality to a minimum depth of 10 centimetres (4 inches) and shall be free of noxious weeds and other foreign material, including, and not to limit the generality of the foregoing, quackgrass, roots, rock and clay.

  • d.) Stone ground cover shall be of a minimum depth of 5 centimetres (2 inches) over a landscape fabric resistant to ultraviolet rays.

  • e.) Lawn edging shall be installed around planting beds to effectively separate crushed stones from grassed areas.

  • f.) Wood fibre mulch shall be installed to a minimum uniform depth of 100 mm (4 inches) and not to exceed a maximum of 150 mm (6 inches).

3. An Irrigation Plan (Schedule 'B') as follows:

  • a.) The Developer shall design and install an underground irrigation system designed to provide 100 percent coverage to all landscaped areas having horticultural material. The Developer shall obtain approval of the design of the irrigation system from the Director of Community Services of the City of Prince Albert prior to installation.

  • b.) That portion of the irrigation system referred to in Subsection (3a) may be tied into the City water main for the purposes of the City's supplying water for the sole purpose of operating that said portion of the irrigation system without cost to the Developer.

  • c.) The Developer shall pay the costs of any and all connections with the City storm drainage system and water main including that relating to the irrigation system for the landscaped area.

  • d.) The Developer shall complete the installation of the irrigation system prior to placement of topsoil and all plant material.

4. The Developer shall carry out at its own expense the maintenance requirements for the landscape and irrigation as identified on Schedule 'A' and 'B' and in particular:

  • - Irrigation System
  • - Horticultural Elements (trees, shrubs and turf)
  • - Snow Clearing
  • - Refuse Removal

  • a.) The Developer shall maintain the underground irrigation system to provide 100 percent coverage to all landscaped areas having horticultural material.

  • b.) The Developer shall be responsible for the initiation and winterization of the system.

  • c.) The Developer will be responsible for all repairs and required materials to ensure the system is in operational conditions at all times.

  • d.) The Developer shall water and care for the trees, shrubbery and grass according to good horticultural standards.

  • e.) The Developer shall ensure turf is mowed as often as required by good horticultural standards.  Turf must be edged from the surface of the sidewalk when required.

  • f.) The Developer shall maintain the trees and shrubs so that they do not encroach on the pedestrian walkways or seating areas at all times. Pruning shall be done to proper arboricultural standards.  Mulch depth must be maintained at 3" to 4".

  • g.) Snow shall be cleared from all sidewalks and seating areas within the landscaped area to the standard set within the Clean Sidewalk Bylaw No. 9 of 1992 and No. 36 of 1994.

  • h.) The Developer shall ensure that all refuse (garbage, etc.) is removed from the landscaped area when required.

5. Following the construction of the landscaping, the Developer shall carry out the terms of this Agreement, properly maintain all elements of the landscaping development, and replace any trees, shrubbery, or grass that are removed or die.

6. The Developer agrees that it shall:

  • a.) Pave the driveway and parking areas with hard-surface paving in accordance with slopes and elevations for storm water drainage approved by the City Engineer;

  • b.) Construct poured-in-place concrete curbing to enclose all areas as indicated on Schedule "A" and to such reasonable standards as the City Engineer may specify.

  • c.) In respect to boulevard crossings, apply for a permit in accordance with the Crossing Bylaw, being Bylaw No. 43 of 1965 of The City of Prince Albert, as amended, and construct same in accordance herewith.

Please Note:

A sample of a detailed Landscape Agreement is available upon request.

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